The Top 4 Risks of Investing In Bitcoins That Expert Are Not Telling You

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Like the gold rush in the 18th century, innovation of Bitcoins is getting a new pace. As a Canadian or any other interested investor, you would not wish to be left out in this race. The indicators on the Bitcoin trend are showing a bright future for those who will dip their feet on Bitcoins. If [...]

Here Is How to Buy Bitcoins in Canada Using Your Paypal Account

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With the drastic rise in Bitcoin prices against the US dollar, no real investor would love to miss out the opportunity. As one of the investors, you may be wondering whether it is possible to buy Bitcoins in Canada. Or else, you are aware of this, but you only have cash in your PayPal account. Now [...]

Is Investing In Bitcoins Worth It?

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When the pseudo inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin, no one knew it impacts. As usual, every financial investor demonized it. Some called it a Ponzi scheme. Others said it was destined to fail as it was had to regulate it. Possibly, it is due to this reason the person behind the project never disclosed [...]