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What a nice idea? Who does not love free things particularly when what you get has a high potential of earning you an additional coin? Certainly, these are the kind of questions revolving in your mind. As cryptocurrencies become the next big thing after the internet, everyone is in the race of owning them.

Unfortunately, you do not want to miss out on this transformation, but you do not have the capital to buy Ethereum or other altcoins. The good news is you can earn Ethereum for free through faucets. But you have to mine or buy them through an exchange platform! You think so? You are wrong. Here are some of the faucets offering free Ethereum:


a. EtherFaucetNet

For your information, a faucet is like a lottery that issues a given amount of altcoins in a given duration. To build on this, EtherFaucetNet is a faucet that gives you an opportunity to earn Ethers after every 5minutes. Here, you join the faucet by adding your Ethereum address. By this, you automatically begin claiming Ethereum. The good thing about this faucet is that you only need to reach a threshold of 0.05ETH upon which you can move them to your Ethereum wallet.

b. Ethfree

Another faucet that you can subscribe to earn free ethers is Ethfree. Currently, it is the leading faucet offering high amounts of Ethereum per day. Like EtherFaucetNet, Ethfree issues free Ethereum tokens after every five minutes. Again, you cannot transfer your coins until you hit the threshold of 0.05 ETH. So, if the EtherFaucetNet is not your tests, Ethfree can be your best alternative.


Ethereum Gratis

c. Ethereum Gratis

Unlike Ethfree and EtherFaucetNet, this faucet issues Ethereum tokens to the next person online in 5 minutes intervals. If you are the next online person, you earn 10% of the available Ethereum in the faucet wallet. However, you must reach the payable threshold of 1fenny to move the earnings to your wallet.

d. Faucether

For this faucet, you will have to wait for 10 minutes to claim your free Ethereum. However, your waiting is worth it. The platform issues 0.03 ETH per 10 minutes, and the threshold for withdrawal is 0.05ETH. If you do your calculation well, you can confirm that you will be able to withdrawal your coins after 20 minutes.


Ethereum Faucet

e. Ethereum Faucet

This Faucet requires you to complete some captcha to receive Ethereum. Also, you have to sign up for the FaucetHub account. Once you earn the free Ethers, they are credited to your Ethereum wallet automatically. Again, the platform offers you an opportunity to earn a 10% commission for every referral. Isn’t this a great opportunity to join the profitable cryptocurrency niche?

f. Ether Free

Are you looking for a faucet that enables you to claim a 100% of the free offers an excellent referral program? If this is you, Ether Free is the way to go. However, you will have to wait for 15 minutes to place your claim. Also, you must hit the 0.0016 ETH thresholds to receive your earnings.

Ether Free


As you can see, the limitation of joining the cryptocurrency business and being left out in the new revolution of owning Ethereum is by your fate. You can easily join others on the crypto business without having to invest any coin. However, you need a little investment in internet and computing devices.

As well, you must be an active participant on the faucets to ensure you accumulate enough Ethereum tokens and hit the required withdrawal thresholds. Also, it is advisable to have an Ethereum wallet where you can move your token in and store them for future transactions. All in all, mining and buying are not the only options for owning Ethereum coins. So, it is your turn to join the digital currency bandwagon for free.

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